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About this project

Sep 16, 2010 at 11:53 PM

This project was partly created to showcase the built in logging features (System.Diagnostics) of the .NET Framework -- when you search for .NET logging there are pages that promote several alternatives (NLog, log4net, Common.Logging, EntLib Logging), but they all suffer from the fact that they (even EntLib) basically throw away and completely replace System.Diagnostics.

Although it does have some limitations, System.Diagnostics is in general mean to be an extensible framework, so by simply filling some of the gaps it should be competitive with third party alternatives.

Currently (Sept 2010), I have released the initial project but only as beta. Whilst the code (binaries) should be in fairly good shape there are other areas incomplete -- only part of the documentation website is up (there are many incomplete links -- a lot of the content is in DocComments in the code, but not formatted yet for the web), there is still a bit more guidance information and examples to write, and I haven't done download packaging (the current binaries package is Debug versions only, and there are no packages yet for documentation, examples, or source).

- Sly